Batt calls for urgent confirmation from SunWater – what does this mean for a future flood event?

“Everybody understands that water security for our farmers is a major concern with today’s announcement that Paradise Dam’s spillway will be reduced by 5 metres, however it’s also important to consider what this change will mean for Bundaberg residents in a future flood event,” Mr Batt said.

“As the flood recovery coordinator for the 2013 disaster, I know firsthand that the vast majority of data that’s been used for flood modelling for Bundaberg city is based on the current spillway level of the Paradise Dam and any changes to the level has the potential to significantly alter that modelling.

“We need urgent confirmation from the Labor Government that further modelling has been completed, to assure our community that the 5 metre reduction in the spillway level will not have a more severe impact on people’s homes, businesses and local infrastructure in a future flood event.

“If modelling can’t confirm that a reduction in the spillway will not cause any additional flooding in Bundaberg in a future event, then the decision to lower the spillway needs to be revoked.

“We are already 5 years into a 10 year flood mitigation action plan, with little action so far and this announcement could see plans go back to square one due to the unknown consequences of this 5 metre reduction.”

Tuesday, 24 September 2019


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