Batt calls for update on Bundaberg Hospital Site

“Fighting for a new Bundaberg hospital has always been my number one priority and I know from the number of phone calls, visits and emails my office continues to receive, it’s also the number one priority for Bundaberg residents too,” Mr Batt said.

“After being elected, I used my very first Question on Notice in Queensland Parliament to seek a clear timeline for the planning of a new hospital and I’ve asked many more questions since, including one on Tuesday.

“We all know we need a new hospital; we’re just waiting for the government to progress the plans and give us more information about when and where it will happen.  

“In a media release in August 2019, the State Government advised that a decision on a site for the new Bundaberg hospital was to be made in early 2020 – it’s now the back half of May and we haven’t heard a thing so to follow up, I submitted a question to the Health Minister.

“I’ve asked the Minister to advise whether a decision on a site has been made and if so, when it will be announced – a response due back in 30 days on Thursday 18 June 2020.

“I understand planning for a new hospital is a complex process and deciding on the right site is a crucial component, I also understand the COVID-19 situation may have impacted progress, but our community deserves to be kept up to date with the situation regardless of where it’s at.

“A new Bundaberg hospital will benefit our entire region: from patient care to the local economy and it needs to be built on a site which is easily accessible, has good transport links, sufficient parking and in a location which is well and truly flood proof.

“A new hospital will provide our hard-working health care staff with the modern, well-organised work environment they deserve, as well entice other health professionals to move to the beautiful Bundaberg region.

“A new hospital will mean more treatment options are available locally, allowing patients to have access to necessary healthcare right here at home with the support of family and friends, rather than having to travel to Brisbane or elsewhere.

“The current hospital has served our region well, but we have greater needs now and they need to be met sooner rather than later.

“In another media release in June 2019, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Bundy would get a new hospital and I will continue to hold her and Health Minister Steven Miles accountable until that happens.

“I will continue to keep the pressure on the government to ensure the next step is completed as soon as possible and not dragged out until right before the state election in October 2020.”

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