Batt supports Mason Jett Lee legislation

State Member for Bundaberg David Batt MP rose in Queensland Parliament today to support stronger sentencing for child killers.

Both the Labor Government and the LNP introduced Criminal Code and Other Legislation Amendment Bills – the LNP naming their bill in honour of toddler Mason Jett Lee who died an agonising death at the hands of his step-father.

Mr Batt said the difference between the two sets of laws is very clear.

“The LNPs laws are significantly tougher and are the only laws which would provide children like Mason with the justice they undoubtedly deserve,” he said.

Mr Batt, a former police officer of 23 years, said Queensland’s current laws desperately require an overhaul.

“Working as a police officer I have seen the flaws in the system, I have seen families experiencing raw and real heartbreak and I know just how incredibly important it is for our state to be tougher on crime.

“Court data shows that those convicted of the appalling crime of killing a child are sentenced to less time in prison than those convicted of manslaughter of an adult. The average adult manslaughter offender spends 8.5 years in prison, while child manslaughter offenders only spend 6.8 years.

Mr Batt said the LNP is the only party capable of being tough of crime.

“Our laws are what’s best for Queensland, they would be the toughest in the country; recognising and protecting our vulnerable and defenceless children and punishing those who harm them.

“Our laws would introduce a mandatory minimum non-parole period of 25 years imprisonment for the murder of a child and a non-parole period of 15 years for child homicide.

Mr Batt and the LNP are supportive of Labor’s bill but believe it doesn’t go far enough.

“We will be supporting Labor’s bill as it is a worthy start, but we are calling on the Government to stop playing politics with this issue and also adopt our bill to ensure the laws in Queensland reflect on the communities expectations and the severe gravity of the crime that is killing a child.”


Wednesday, 1 May 2019

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