State Member for Bundaberg David Batt has successfully fought for change to the Disability Parking Scheme in Queensland.

An almost 2-year long fight for Mr Batt has finally paid off, with the Minister today announcing those who are visually impaired will now be eligible for a permit for their carers vehicle.

“I am so proud to have successfully fought for change to the Disability Parking Scheme Criteria in Queensland,’ Mr Batt said.

“Until today, vision impaired Queenslanders were unable to obtain disability parking permits for their carers vehicle.

“When I first asked the Minister in March 2018 to change the criteria to include those with vision impairments he said no, but that didn’t stop me.

“After writing to the Minister, I launched a Parliamentary petition which gained over 3200 signatures and had the support of Guide Dogs Queensland. The petition resulted in a departmental review which has today, finally had a successful outcome.

“I would like to thank Bundaberg residents Cheryl and Kevin Callaghan who brought this issue to my attention when I was first elected and I would also like to thank Helen Willett and her assistance dog Hank, who have worked alongside me in my continued calls for change.

“In my opinion, legally blind Queenslanders should have always had access to disability parking spaces, but it’s better late than never.

“This change will make a huge difference to the lives of 18,000 Queenslanders as well as their assistance dogs and their carers.

“This is another example that people power, persistence and perseverance does pay off.”

Tuesday, 26 November 2019. 

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