Batt WINS Taxi Subsidy Scheme Fight

After calling on the State Government for weeks, State Member for Bundaberg David Batt is thrilled to hear that Queensland Labor has now agreed to extend the Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) passed June 30.

Until today, Labor had planned to close the scheme to those who were in the process of transitioning onto the NDIS. The closure would have impacted approximately 10,000 Queenslanders, including many Bundaberg residents.

Mr Batt said he is pleased the concerns of his community were heard.

“My office has had countless phone calls regarding this issue, so I am delighted to have been able to bring this to the attention of the government and ensure the extension of the scheme,” he said.

“Here in the Wide Bay, we have a higher than average rate of disability, which means that many members of our local community would have been negatively impacted by the scheme’s closure.

“Those living with a disability often face enough challenges every day, without having their affordable transport support taken away, so it’s great those residents now don’t have to worry about this aspect of their transition onto the NDIS.

Mr Batt said access to transport was key to a thriving community.

“As the local MP, I want to see our community progress into the future with flying colours and to achieve that, it’s vital we create a safe and liveable city where each resident has the opportunity to live their life as they wish.

“A regional city like Bundaberg has limited public transport options so removing the TSS would have made it even more difficult for those living with disability to get from one place to another.

“Extending the scheme is something the government should have done months ago, like all other states did, but it’s better late than never.”


Tuesday 14 May 2019

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