Bundaberg falls victim to Youth Crime

Visiting Bundaberg today, Shadow Minister for Police and Corrective Services Trevor Watts MP joined local member David Batt MP at the home of residents who recently fell victim to youth crime.

In March 2019, Ian Finnis and carer Wendy Collins woke to find three teenage robbers in their home. As a result of an altercation with one of the intruders, Mr Finnis was left with a broken nose, facial cuts and bruising but for Ms Collins, the effects have been more emotional.

Bundaberg Police were able to identify the juveniles involved and they have been dealt with under the Juvenile Justice Act which in this instance, resulted in the offenders attending a restorative justice conference alongside the victims, with no court attendance required and no convictions recorded.

Mr Watts is calling on Labor to address the youth crime crisis in Queensland.

“Robbery committed by youth criminals across the state has skyrocketed by 128% since Annastacia Palaszczuk became Premier,” he said.

“Labor has no plans to address the crisis and continues to turn a blind eye to these shocking statistics.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to start putting community safety first by ensuring police have the resources and laws they need to fight crime.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP will always put the community and victims of crime before offenders.”

Mr Batt met with Mr Finnis and Ms Collins just days after the break-in and has had regular contact with them ever since.

“As a former police officer myself, I strongly support the LNPs common sense approach to dealing with crime,” he said.

“Our policies are tough and we believe that offenders should be held to account and I know Wendy and Ian agree.

“The LNP recently moved an amendment to the Youth Justice Act that would have seen breach of bail restored as an offence, but Labor voted against it. If this isn’t evidence that Labor is soft on crime, I don’t know what is.

“Our local police do a great job with the limited resources they have and the legislation they must abide by, but more needs to be done to ensure residents like Ian and Wendy feel safe in their own home.

“I’m calling on Labor to up their act and address the youth crime problems in Queensland.”

Friday 4 October, 2019

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