Bundy deserves a new hospital

“As the State Member, fighting for a new hospital for Bundaberg has always been my number one priority and I know from the number of phone calls, visits and emails I get weekly, it’s also the number one priority for Bundaberg residents too.”

“After being elected, I used my very first Question on Notice in Queensland Parliament to seek a clear timeline for the planning of a new hospital.

“This announcement is well overdue; our community knew we needed a new hospital, we were just waiting for the government to agree.

“A new category five hospital will benefit our entire region; from patient care to the local economy.

“The new hospital will provide our hard-working health care staff with the modern, well-organised work environment they deserve, as well entice other health professionals to move to the beautiful Bundaberg region.

“And, of course, the new hospital will benefit Bundaberg residents. A new hospital will mean there will be more treatment available locally, allowing patients to have access to necessary healthcare right here at home with the support of family and friends, rather than having to travel to Brisbane.

“Since opening its doors over 100 years ago, the Base hospital has endured countless facelifts and extensions, it was even evacuated during the major weather event in 2013.

“Planning and building a new hospital is a long process and the next step is the detailed business case, which will decide the design, costings and a final location.

“I will continue to keep the pressure on the government to ensure the next step is completed as soon as possible and not dragged out until the next state election in October 2020.

“Our current hospital has served our region well, but we have greater needs now and they need to be met sooner rather than later.”

Monday 4 June, 2019

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