Colossal 91% increase Bundaberg households waiting for public housing

“As a result of my question in parliament, the Minister has revealed the number of Bundaberg households on the public housing register has skyrocketed by nearly double in just 2 years,” Mr Batt said.

“As at 30 June 2019 the total number of households on Bundaberg’s register has jumped to 488 from 255 in June 2017 – that’s a colossal 91% increase.

“If this isn’t damning evidence that the cost of living for our region is simply too high, then I don’t know what is.

“These aren’t numbers on a spread sheet, they are Bundaberg residents who are desperately searching for a roof over their head – with the vast majority of households classified as ‘very high need’.

“It’s important to also remember that each one of these ‘households’ could be anywhere from 1 person
to an extended family needing this support.

“It’s not just the cost of renting that’s becoming unaffordable, Bundaberg residents are being hit with the ever-increasing costs of electricity, fuel and car rego on top of the 10 new or higher taxes that Labor has implemented since the last election.

“I am constantly calling on Labor to lend a helping hand to our families who are genuinely struggling to make ends meet, but they continue to do the opposite.

“Just last week, the LNP moved to stop Labor from again increasing car registration, but Labor voted down our motion and as a result, motorists will be hit with a 2.25% increase in their car rego costs, a figure that’s well above inflation and which has increased by 17.3% over the last 5 years.

“It’s the government’s responsibility to enable communities to thrive and prosper into the future, but Labor has instead taken on their own agenda that will continue to negatively impact the everyday hardworking mums and dads of our state, especially those living in regional Queensland.

“Only the LNP has a plan that will help everyone get ahead.”

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

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