Commission of Inquiry into Paradise Dam’s Construction – Practice Guidelines

  • The first public sitting will be held in mid-February 2020 – no date or location is available at this stage.
  • The commission is seeking evidence from all persons who can provide factual information or historical documents relevant to any of the Terms of Reference. It is also seeking, but from qualified persons only, opinion evidence relevant to the Terms of Reference.
  • Any persons (or organisations or groups of persons) wanting leave to appear or leave to be legally represented at any public sitting of the Commission needs to apply to the Executive Director – written applications need to be sent by email to the Executive Director as soon as possible, but no later than 31 January 2020.
  • Any persons seeking to make written submissions in respect to the subject matter of the Terms of Reference, but not intending to seek leave to appear, should contact the Executive Director by email outlining the subject matter of the proposed submissions and why the Commission should receive them. The Commission will then inform the person whether the submission is accepted.
  • The Commission will invite submissions from members of the public and, at the conclusion of the public hearings, from parties who have been given leave to appear.
  • Hearings will be open to the public and will be live streamed via the website.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the Commission, all submissions (including attachments) must be provided to the Commission electronically to in fully text-searchable, multi-page PDF/A format, together with the relevant metadata as defined in any document management protocol to be published on the Commission’s Website. The commission may make exceptions to the requirement for information to be provided electronically – anyone seeking an exception or assistance in meeting this requirement should contact the Executive Director via email or telephone.

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