Crime Stoppers forced to close its doors

“I am extremely disappointed to hear of the closure of Crime Stoppers in Queensland,” Mr Batt said.

“As a former police officer of 23 years, I know firsthand just how vital the work of Crime Stoppers is.

“Our police already work with limited resources and they will now have to find time to and answer these phone calls as well.

“Police should be on the beat preventing and fighting crime, not behind a desk answering calls.

“The LNP has always backed Crime Stoppers, we were the first government to give them funding and we promised another $1 million funding boost at the last state election and this Labor government can’t even provide a small amount of funding to protect the closure.

“$250,000 is half of what this Labor Government said it would cost to change the name of the Lady Cilento hospital.

“I encourage everyone to sign the petition to save Crime Stoppers in Queensland.”


Wednesday 6 February 2019

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