Electricity prices debilitating business in Bundaberg

David Batt MP is joining the calls for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to address Bundaberg’s increasingly high power prices.

Mr Batt said it’s extremely disappointing to see a large, global Bundaberg Business like Bundaberg Walkers being forced to consider relocating in attempt to secure a cheaper electricity deal.

“Bundaberg Walkers has operated in Bundy for over 130 years and trades all over the world, yet the government remains disinterested in helping lower their power bills,” he said.

“Minister Lynham claims to be supporting the business with a Regional Business Support Package however, as a result of the State Government’s free Energy Audit, Labor recommended Bundaberg Walkers utilise diesel generation, a major pollutant, to assist with the lowering the cost, is that really the government’s preferred solution?

“Bundaberg is known to have exorbitant power prices and businesses will continue to struggle under Labor, the LNP is the only party that has a real plan* to lower those costs.”

*If elected in 2020, the LNP will:
1. Introduce electricity competition in regional Queensland by providing a Community Service Obligation to Ergon Energy’s distribution business to reduce the cost of energy distribution across region Queensland, making it more attractive for retail operators to compete against Ergon.
2. Restructure power generators from two to three.
3. Appoint a consumer representative to the Board of the Network Businesses to ensure the board is focused on sustainably lowering prices through cost control
4. Mandate investment by our government-owned energy companies in renewable energy generation.
5. Work with the AEMO on the right mix of electricity generation to ensure that electricity supply becomes affordable and reliable.

Thursday 31 January 2019

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