Give the gift of life this Christmas

When the time comes, have you thought about donating your organs? If your answer is yes, you’re in agreeance with 75% of our community.

It is wonderful to know that 3 in every 4 Bundy residents say they want to donate their organs, but we do need to work on how many are officially registered in the system.

Even though our local registration rate is in line with Queensland’s statewide figure of 28%, I think it’s important to always strive for improvement.

That’s why on Jersey Day, I joined forces with DonateLife to set Bundy a 12-month challenge. On Jersey Day 2020, I’d love for our registration rate to have jumped by at least 500 people. While this may not seem like a lot, I’ve learnt that the register increases very gradually, so this feels like an achievable place to start.

Often when I speak to people about registering as a donor, many are unaware it’s an incredibly simple process. Some are under the impression they don’t need to think or talk about it until that time comes and others hadn’t realised their donation preference is no longer displayed on their Drivers license.

I’d love to shake these misconceptions and promote how easy registering is. I’d also love to try and spark those conversations amongst friends and families in order to ensure people know how their loved ones feel about organ donation so they can honour their wishes.

When I launched the challenge I was joined by Martin Brennan, Bundaberg’s DonateLife representative and Donation Specialist Nurse Coordinator, and local donor recipients Janelle, Geoff, Michelle and Lynette, mum of an organ donor. The opportunity to hear their stories was invaluable.

If you’d like to register as a donor please visit – all you need is internet access, a few minutes of your time and your Medicare card.

If you’re already a registered donor, find a friend, a colleague and/or a family member and talk to them about why you registered and hopefully they’ll do the same.

Organ donation really is the gift of life. Please think seriously about registering to give this Christmas season and make your decision count.

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