Letter to Board of Professional Engineers of Queesland

5 December 2019

Mr Dawson Wilkie
Chair and Regional Representative
Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland
PO Box 15213 CITY EAST QLD 4002
By email: admin@bpeq.qld.gov.au

Dear Mr Wilkie

The Liberal National Party has serious concerns about the structural integrity and competency of practices associated with the construction of Queensland’s Paradise Dam.

As the local Members of Parliament, whose communities have a direct social and economic stake in the outcome of Paradise Dam, we wish to bring issues to your attention with the potential for investigation under your regulatory powers.

As it currently stands, there has been a significant reduction in storage capacity at Paradise Dam with millions of litres of water being released to the sea.

A decommissioning of the dam is also being considered by the State Government.

These scenarios would inflict an enormous blow to the region’s vitally important agriculture and horticulture industries.

Given Paradise Dam was one of Australia’s first roller compacted concrete dams – involving the structure to be built with layers of compacted, dry concrete separated by a thin membrane – there are questions around why and how this process was approved and signed off by qualified engineers.

The technical report conducted by GHD states core sampling of the dam in 2006 found there were bonding problems in 78 per cent of areas tested.
Queensland taxpayers paid hundreds of millions of dollars for a dam which has only lasted just over a decade. Simply put, taxpayers haven’t got what they paid for.

The LNP is requesting that the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) consider investigating individuals for potential breaches of the Professionals Engineering Act as a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

The LNP is also requesting that if these investigations reveal any improprieties that BPEQ then prosecute these individuals under the powers of the Act.

The residents of the Wide Bay Burnett and all Queenslanders deserve answers on what has happened at Paradise Dam and the LNP believe BPEQ has a role in delivering justice to affected communities.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Bennett MP
Member for Burnett

David Batt MP
Member for Bundaberg

Colin Boyce MP
Member for Callide

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