LNP plan to combat youth crime

“In my role as the State Member for Bundaberg, I’ve spoken with many local residents who have fallen victim to youth crime and not only is it distressing, it’s incredibly frustrating,” Mr Batt said.

“The current juvenile justice system wrongly puts offenders before victims and that must change.

“The LNP has listened to the concerns of Queenslanders and as a result, we have announced our comprehensive plan to crackdown on youth crime here in Bundaberg and right across the state.

“This isn’t about locking up bad kids, our plan encompasses the whole issue and makes sweeping changes to prevent crime, crack down on perpetrators, rehabilitate offenders and give police the powers they need to do their job.

“Alongside our plan to implement tougher laws, monitor youth offenders on bail 24/7, introduce mandatory detention for third convictions, scrap youth bail houses and trial justice reinvestment, an LNP Government will also establish five Community Payback Farms across Queensland – including one in Central Queensland.

“The Justice Reinvestment Program is an early intervention program and promotes physical, cognitive, social and emotional health in children to reduce youth crime in specific communities whereas the Community Payback Farm Program will be for young offenders who have been through youth detention and will focus on teaching them to learn new skills, improve self-discipline and take ownership of actions, with a strong focus on culturally appropriate programs and elder mentoring.

“Offenders should be held accountable and that is exactly what our plan will do.

“As a former police officer of 23 years and manager of crime prevention programs at our local PCYC, I am so proud of the LNP’s common sense wrap around approach to dealing with this complex issue and I believe it will truly make a difference in combating the crime crisis in our great state.” 


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