State Member for Bundaberg David Batt has today announced a future LNP Government will invest $100,000 to extend the current CCTV camera network in Bundaberg.

Mr Batt said many Bundaberg residents are concerned by the increasing crime in their local area.

“As a former police officer of 23 years, I understand how important community safety is,” Mr Batt said.

“I am very aware that offences such as hooning, theft and vandalism are escalating within our community and in my recent community survey, tackling crime was listed as one of the top 5 issues in Bundaberg.

“Recently a Bundy resident told me she lays awake worried a car is going to come crashing through her bedroom window in the middle of the night.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe.

“That’s why a future LNP Government will invest $100,000 to extend the current CCTV camera network in Bundaberg.

“More CCTV cameras in key locations will deter offenders, assist police and give residents peace of mind.

“This CCTV investment is in addition to our commitment to improving police resources across the state and bringing in tougher sentences to hold offenders accountable.”

Bundaberg Motel General Manager Noelene Wilson said she was at her wits end with hooning on Takalvan Street.

“As a small business manager and local resident, I have grave concerns about the increased crime in Bundaberg,” Ms Wilson said.

“I am particularly worried about the significant increase in hooning on Takalvan Street and the long term impacts it may have on business.

“More CCTV cameras would make a huge difference in preventing hooning and other criminal activity from occurring on our streets.”

Local resident and member of Bundaberg Athletics Club Joanne Hunter said she was frustrated by hooning activity occurring not only in suburban streets, but also on vacant blocks around town.

“Bundy Athletics is based at the Bundaberg Super Park and it’s such a shame to see hooning occurring on the blocks next to the facility, leaving a big mess with tyre marks and dust,” Mrs Hunter said.

“We train at the facility every week and host various major events throughout the year so it’s incredibly disappointing to see the nearby landscape ruined by people driving recklessly.”


Thursday, 20 August 2020