Batt calls for Mandatory prison time for child killers

Former detective and Bundaberg MP David Batt is calling for mandatory 15-year sentences for child killers in Queensland.

A Parliamentary Committee stacked with Labor Government MPs has voted against supporting an LNP Bill to guarantee all convicted child killers spend at least 15-25 years behind bars.

Mr Batt said issues such as this should be well and truly above politics.

“Labor shouldn’t play politics with child killer laws but unfortunately, that’s exactly what they’re doing,” he said.

“Our Bill was drafted in honour of toddler Mason Jet Lee, who died in agony over several days after being beaten by his step-father.

“The LNP’s Bill would deliver the toughest sentences in Australia for those who kill children through violence or neglect.

“The Committee instead recommended Labor’s own weak legislation that simply doesn’t go far enough to protect kids or punish killers.

As a former police officer of 23 years, Mr Batt knows firsthand the importance of implementing tough laws.

“Despite the committee voting against our bill, we will still put it to a vote in Parliament in hope some Labor MPs with a moral compass will cross the floor and support us.

“The LNP is the only party that has a tough stance on crime, and we will be taking these laws to the 2020 election.

“I call on the Labor Government to adopt our laws and put Queensland children above their political games.”


Thursday 18 April 2019

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