Minister Lynham fails to answer yet another dam question

State Member for Bundaberg David Batt MP has expressed his disappointment in Minister Lynham’s lack of response when asked a direct question about Paradise Dam in Question Time today.

Mr Batt asked the Minister – Yesterday (Wednesday) the Minister said that he had instructed numerous experts to review Sunwater’s reports that the government relied on to make the decision to reduce the Paradise Dam’s spillway by 5m— will the Minister commit to delaying any permanent action to reduce Paradise Dam’s capacity until after the experts’ findings and advice are received and published?

Mr Batt said his question was simple and direct, yet the Minister avoided an answer.

“The Minister can avoid me all he wants, but he can’t continue to avoid the entire Bundaberg-Burnett region,” he said.

“Our community is crying out for answers in relation to Labor’s disgraceful decision to permanently reduce Paradise Dam’s spillway by 5 metres before expert advice and reporting has even been finalised.

“This Queensland Labor Government continues to ignore community calls and continues to keep the relevant information a secret, simply advising we won’t know anything until 2020.

“Labor’s actions are deplorable. Under no circumstances should a major, permanent decision like this ever be made until reports are finalised and released for public consideration.

“Our community deserves to know the truth and I will continue to ask questions until we get that.

“Labor is stalling and buying time in hope our community will forget before October next year, but we won’t.

“The Bundaberg region will never forget Labor’s inability to be honest and transparent in relation to the biggest infrastructure fail in Queensland’s history that will impact the entirety of our region. They need to come clean.”


Thursday, 24 October 2019

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