My 2020 Vision

I love Bundy – always have, always will. I was born here, grew up here and my wife and I raised our two beautiful daughters here. I have a vision for our city and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into 2020 to continue making Bundaberg the best place to work, live and play.

I’m focused on working with members of our community to establish achievable solutions to the issues we’re facing, because without a plan for change things will remain the same.

Water is the lifeblood of regional Queensland, but right now, the future of water security is very uncertain. The LNP has a plan to deliver the infrastructure needed to secure our water supply and drought-proof Queensland – including the New Bradfield Scheme.

Electricity prices are hurting households. Despite the heat, residents are refraining from turning on the air-con because they’re worried they won’t be able to afford the next bill. An LNP government will introduce competition into the regional Qld market, ending the divide between the southeast and the rest of the state – giving households the opportunity to shop around for the best electricity deal, saving approximately $300 a year.

Education is so important, but teachers and principals are struggling with a crowded curriculum and core subjects are being compromised as a result. To give our kids the best opportunity to learn the foundation skills they need, we will work with parents, teachers and principals to bring the system back to basics – with a strong focus on language skills, literacy and numeracy. We will also reinstate English as a mandatory subject.

Queensland has the lowest employment rate in mainland Australia and businesses are hurting from the 9 new or increased taxes the state government has introduced since the last election less than 3 years ago. Under an LNP government, there will be no new taxes – that’s a guarantee.

2020 is going to be a busy year and this is just the start of our plan for the future. We will continue listening to Queenslanders, developing policies along the way.

I want a future where Bundaberg’s best days are ahead of us, so let’s keep working together this year to build a better Bundaberg and bring that vision to life.

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