Queensland Law Reform Commissioned with drafting legislation for voluntary assisted dying in Queensland

“On Wednesday (21 May 2020), the Premier requested the Queensland Law Reform Commission be tasked with preparing draft legislation for voluntary assisted dying in Queensland, with a deadline of 1 March 2021,” Mr Batt said.

“Voluntary assisted dying is a highly emotive, complex, sensitive and personal matter and as such, any relevant legislation requires meticulous research, extensive community consultation and thorough consideration.

“At this stage we don’t know if a bill relating to voluntary assisted dying will ever be brought before State Parliament, but if I still have the privilege of representing the Bundaberg community when one does, my vote will be based on what Bundaberg constituents think about the details of that particular bill.

“There is no way I can pre-empt what a future bill might contain, but I can assure Bundaberg residents that their views will form the basis of my vote – as it did for the Termination of Pregnancy Bill in October 2018.

“It is my role to represent the views of our community in Queensland Parliament, which is why I always have and always will encourage the people of Bundaberg to share their views with me, regardless of what state government matter it relates to.

“Although I am still unable to hold one on one meetings at this time, I am always happy to speak to Bundaberg constituents via phone and email about their views and suggestions for what they believe could be done differently or better in Bundaberg and Queensland.”


Wednesday, 21 May 2020

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